DALIMA's network has the most iconic locations in Maputo city. All locations of the Static network are strategically chosen, in order to enable and maximize exposure of the brands.


Trending, Entertainment, Shopping and Leisure

Places where there is a higher concentration of upper-middle and upper classes, with high purchasing power.

Hotels, stores, boutiques, offices, NGOs, embassies, ministries, bars, restaurants, gardens, and more.

High traffic areas with over 400,000 cars/day during peak hours with an exposure over 3min.

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Centre of business and commercial area in Maputo

It concentrates not only the corporate public, but also the rest of the social classes, involving the headquarters of the main Banks and the largest national companies around downtown.

High and tapered traffic with the longest exposure time on our network (up to 4 min per car). Here the public is exposed to more than 27 million ads/day.

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Residential, Commercial, Trac, Bus Stops

Located in the central areas of Maputo and on the main access roads.

Heavy multi-lane traffic; many public transportation stops and terminals, restaurants and local businesses.

Here we find all social classes and very high traffic throughout the day and the highest average exposure of the entire network – 48 million ads/day.

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