Standard Bank Group Bank was recently named Africa's most valuable banking brand in 2022 in the annual Brand Finance ranking.

After the successful debut of the “Obrigado” campaign in Polana Square, Standard Bank Moçambique Bank once again chose this medium to publicize its new “Most Valuable Brand” campaign on the panel strategically located between the corners of Avenidas 24 de Julho and Avenida Julius Nyrere, allowing the message to be widely and effectively transmitted, reaching a wider audience and making communication more impactful.

From the 10-second video shared by the client, Dalima's creative team was able to produce the 3D video, using the same concept and elements, bringing another impact to this campaign, in an irreverent and extraordinary way.

Advertise your campaigns on the new DALIMA 3D panel, let your brand follow the innovation of this new way of communicating!