Nedbank aposta na novo Painel Polana Square

After its change of identity in 2021 from Banco Único to Nedbank Moçambique, it has been noted a continued commitment and capacity for innovation, agility, speed, proximity and simplicity in the relationship with its current and future Customers. This change was associated with the promise to assume the role of a leading provider of financial services, which takes advantage of the opportunities that Mozambique presents for the future.

In the context of launching its two new institutional campaigns, Nedbank aligns its communication strategy with the new solution implemented by Dalima, the Polana Square Panel.
Based on a creative brief shared by the client, DALIMA's Creative team was able to create a Storyboard and play a 10-second animation in a short period of time, meeting the client's needs.​

This is yet another example of the multifunctionality of this new Panel, allowing brands to have unlimited access to display their campaign either in conventional 2D or enjoying the experience of the 3D anamorphic effect, improving their communication strategy and maximizing their exposure, in a Irreverent and innovative.

Dalima has witnessed projects of great impact, having relied on the adherence of several renowned brands seeking to maximize their exposure and reach a new dimension in an incomparable way.

We challenge companies to bet on this innovative solution and achieve greater visibility of their services.

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