Corona anuncia pela primeiravez no novo Painel Polana Square

Corona, known as Mexico's most exported brand and represented by CDM, chooses Dalima once again to stand out and publicize its new Institutional Campaign, betting on an innovative and exclusive service by DALIMA.​
To accompany the dimension of the new campaign, the client, in coordination with the respective Advertising Agencies, challenged Dalima to create something that would show its ideals and values, sharing a reference video of moments in the company of Corona, centered on the message “This is what living is!”.​
Corona is not just a beer, it's a lifestyle. An invitation to disconnect from routine and enjoy life outside, on the beach and enjoying a sunset with friends.​

The Dalima team understood the customer's need and, in coordination with Firebox Creative, proceeded with its materialization and conversion, creating a hybrid animation, offering the best of both worlds, exploring the multifunctionality of that panel.

The preliminary phase of this process started with some attempts at concepts that could overflow the brand's identity, until reaching the concept of the first hybrid animation on that panel. The initial part of the video explored the three-dimensional effect, merging with the current 2D campaign in the various media. After this hit in terms of direction, it was possible to materialize this idea through the composition of the key elements of the video, such as the towel, bucket, bottles and ice, in order to reach a diversified and assertive level in terms of colors and dynamic textures . Once finished, it was necessary to adjust its sequence, refine the movements and texture the surrounding details. The biggest challenge in this video was keeping in mind, at all times, the minimalist touch of the brand with transitions that show the feeling of freshness and lightness.

Once again, this project resulted in the satisfaction of the main objective desired by the client – ​the maximization of the brand's visibility and obtaining a greater impact through the dynamism of the campaign itself, creating an additional connection with the public and leaving no one indifferent.​

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