Absa volta a anunciar no novo Painel Polana Square

Banco ABSA, known for its focus on the future and for being a major driver of digital progress, has once again chosen Dalima to stand out and publicize its services, betting on an innovative and exclusive DALIMA environment.

Banco Absa once again opted for the new Polana Square to publicize its newest Digital Channels campaign, preferring to enjoy the full 3D experience again. Absa presents the digital channels campaign allowing you to have its services closer to you.

Based on a Storyboard shared by the client's Agency and in coordination with Firebox Creative, it proceeded with its materialization and conversion, creating a three-dimensional animation lasting 10 seconds.

The initial phase started with the creation of a 3D environment in the composition of the key elements of the video, the mobile phone, laptop computer, the message with the letters in three dimensions and the logo. Once recreated, some calculations and testing of angles were necessary to achieve the desired effect in three dimensions without the physical presence of the screen.

The campaign aims to promote the use of Absa's digital channels, which allow all users to have the essential services provided by Absa in just a few clicks. This launch resulted in the maximization of the brand's visibility and in obtaining a greater impact due to the dynamism of the campaign itself.

Faced with yet another successful case, Dalima challenges companies to bet on this unique solution and achieve greater visibility for their brand, product or services.

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